Our Services and Solutions

Networking Structured Cabling, LAN, WAN Solution
Optical Fiber Network Planning and Consultancy
Network Infrastructure Management
Wi-Fi Network Implementation (Indoor – Outdoor).
Telecommunication Network Solution.
Epbax/Video Conferencing/ Video Phones / VOIP Solutions
CCTV and Security Solution
Home Automation Design and Implementation



Structured Cabling – Copper and Fiber

Reocom Professional Technician has many years’ experience in the cabling, Copper and Fiber Optic Sector, with the focus on providing total solutions for the Network Data and Telecom infrastructure. The Expert staff allows clients to have upgrades to existing networks or new data infrastructure installed. The Service is designed to provide quality installations and be cost effective. Our structured cabling services include
Cabling between rooms and IDF, MDF
Cabling Between Buildings
Vertical Connections between floors
Avoidance of Electromagnetic interference or Radio-Frequency Interference



CCTV, Time Attendance and Access Control

Access Control is a great management tool that enhances safety as it protects valuable assets, both tangible and in tangible. Access control lets you control, monitor, report and manage access to one location or to multiply locations, ranging from controlling a single door to thousands in multiple facilities Reocom offer a wide range of access control services and capabilities to all commercial, institutional Including keyless entry/exit identification. Security is involved in all aspects of Digital Video Recorder and Security Camera systems package in the area of Digital Video Surveillance with total security Camera systems.



Telephony Solution

With Improved EPBAX communication, IP Telephony has completely changed the ways by which business is conducted. IP Network have evolved and today offer better reliability, security and flexibility thereby delivering greater performance.
EPABX is electronic private automatic branch exchange. EPABX is an all-in-one solution specially designed to meet the communications challenges facing small and medium sized businesses. Due to its modular design, the solution can scale from 2 to N no of extensions to meet the needs of home offices, standalone businesses, and networked branch and head offices. It has an open architecture providing a normal PSTN, ISDN interfaces, Internet Gateway for voice communication.
Business Benefits
•Total voice and data communication solution for small and mid-sized businesses.
•Functions as a traditional phone system or an IP Telephony Server.
•Supports both single locations and multi-site networks.
•Basic call center and voice messaging capabilities are built-in.



Network Infrastructure Management

Reocom, Network Consulting and integration professionals can help you develop mission critical Communication Infrastructures. Our Consultants have the insight to design a strategy that supports evolving technologies. We begin by assessing your existing network structure and design a solution that supports your Data, Video and Voice Communication needs. We manage installation and monitor your systems performance to verify that your network functions seamlessly. Our Processionals have extensive expertise with networking technology and products from all major vendors. Our IT Managed services offering is a customized bundle of services that provides customers with flexibility in the use, Management and Operations of their IT Systems and Infrastructure.



Wireless Networking

Wireless technology enables higher degree of mobility and network access. As more unique applications of wireless technology appear, enterprises are migrating towards wireless connectivity. Some of the Benefits Include,
Mobility – Anywhere, Anytime access to real-time information.
Easy Deployment – A Wireless system is easy to deploy without the requirements of wiring the entire office/Building.
Security – Today wireless network has the same blend of security as the wired LAN due to the continuous efforts made by the IEEE Security Team.
We Offer a Range of Wireless Services:
Wireless Network Setup and Installation
Unified Managed Wireless Solutions
Wireless LAN Design Setup, Configuration and Installation.



Rack Management and Cable Management

We Have Multiple Rack Solution; many not have the courage to take on the project of making it right. Network Management in department will be able to physically see the difference and it cuts down on future tasks on cable management and cable identification, also keep Network neatness.
We provide leading cat 6 structured cable installation services for voice and data networks. Structured cabling is the backbone of any infrastructure which forms the core of your voice and data network.We have been designing and installing cat 6 cable networks in a range of environments from primary schools and small offices to large healthcare organizations and power enterprises. Our cable installation teams are highly qualified, We have the skill, competency and respect to work silently while your day-to-day operations continue, reducing unnecessary disruption for your organization.


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